Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beautiful inside and out

I know it has been almost a week now and I would have posted sooner but I have been so extremely busy! I wanted to dedicate this post to our amazing visit with Marisa Román, the beautiful and humble young actress who surprised our class last Friday. Not only does she have a true talent for acting, but she has the most genuine and passionate outlook on life. I found her so interesting and thought that she raised many relevant points throughout our visit with her. Dr. A described telenovelas as “acting boot camp” because of the strenuous long hours and unexpected script changes that occur while filming. She said that often times the director doesn’t even know what is going to happen next. Therefore, it is the actor’s job to develop their character to how they think they should be perceived. Marisa Román said that it requires a lot out of an actor, which is the precise reason why Padrón continually challenges her with a variety of character types. One of the things that she said that stuck out the most in my mind was how acting and psychology are intertwined. They both explore human nature and require a large amount of inner thought and perception. The more I thought about it, I understood how true this is. This is the reason why telenovela actors have to get so into their characters. Marisa also said, “the more I know myself, the more I enjoy being other people.” I think this is relevant to many things in life, not only acting. It must be difficult for her to keep her characters’ lives and her own personal life separate, but I think she does a good job of this. I think she is able to learn from her characters, while at the same time not getting too wrapped up in the fame and becoming superficial. I think Marisa Román is an extraordinary woman, who knows who she is, even at this young of an age. Her visit, along with my previous knowledge of telenovelas, have made me even more eager to dissect the societal issues in my telenovela.

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