Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surprise! She's here!

So I know it's a few days overdue, but I have been extremely busy over the past week or so. But on to Marisa Roman! What an amazing surprise! The experience of getting to actually meet a telenovela star so early on in the class was so unexpected but so awesome! Usually we only get to do interviews via Skype, not in person! First of all, it was great how she made such an effort to talk to us in English. I liked it when she talked in Spanish because I felt like I could see more of her true personality because that is her native tongue. But she was awesome for speaking English as best she could for us-which was pretty good too! I don't think I sound that good when I speak in Spanish. haha. It was so great to hear from her why she loves working in telenovelas and about her life in general. I found it all so interesting! I also thought it was cool that she had been filming in New York and that she went outside of her country for career opportunities. She is very talented and very modest. I can see why everyone loves her so much. This is definitely not something I will forget about-I kept telling all my friends that I met a famous actress. They were like who? and I was like she is famous in Venezuela! My next goal is to get my friends hooked on telenovelas...

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