Sunday, September 13, 2009

Creative Criticism & Escapism

Meeting Marisa Román, what a surprise! I particularly enjoyed the specific cultural references she made. The political restraints on writers provides a difficult work environment I’m sure, but it gives way to even more creativity.

Telenovelas provide such a unique outlet for writers because of the limited time in which episodes are conceived and filmed. Unlike American sitcoms or soap operas, novela writers can make political or social commentary in an immediate, practically day-of response to an event. It’s good to know that it has the potential for immediate political and social criticism, even if that’s not its primary use.

Its entertainment function of course is the most important and equally beneficial to society. We would go crazy without some form of escapism or another. Telenovelas are evolving, even though they keep some basic elements, to entertain in new ways and redefine the genre. Between rosas and rupturas it seems they’ve got the hopeful and the realistic aspects of life covered pretty well.

(Somewhat unrelated but speaking of creativity above political influences, you guys may enjoy the movie El espiritú de la colmena. It premiered during Franco’s regime in Spain and has a strong tie to political themes. Dense but quality!)

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