Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Much to Say

Well first,I just have to mention how I am still not over the fact that our class met face to face , and spoke with Marisa Roman. Her honest and genuine conversation with us, and her appreciation for the non –superficial , truly showed how she is gorgeous from the outside in. It is always interesting in class to hear about Dr.A’s first hand experiences on the telenovela sets, so it was intriguing hearing Marisa’s acting experiences on the multiple sets she has worked on. During the first week of class, Dr. A told us that Latin American t.v. stars differ from the American ones in the way they are not fame struck, and Marisa proved this is as true. If we were not studying her work in this class, it would not have been so apparent she is such a famous actress. However, we learned a little bit of how talented she is in her field, and I have to admit, I am pretty obsessed.

Next, I have to admit that I am officially hooked! The telenovela channel 12 is becoming a common flip to for me on the television. I see the previews for “Yo soy Betty la fea”, and I wonder… what I am doing tonight at 10pm. I watched about 30 minutes of a telenovela on Tuesday afternoon , without even flipping the channel. Yesterday, when I got back from class, I told myself I need to catch up on my telenovela so I’ll watch a little bit. The next thing I knew, I had been sitting in the same spot for 1 hour and 30 minutes watching “ La Usurpadora”. The telenovelas are becoming so interesting to me because I can really connect what Dr.A talks about in class to the real thing. It’s fascinating how just in the previews I can tell there is going to be the hot male protagonist , with the beautiful female protagonist, and the sexy, manipulative looking antagonist to cause some drama, along with the possessive mother, and best friend. And, the intro song really does make an impact on the idea of telenovela. The lyrics in the song, if I pay close attention, tie into the story line.

The aspect of the telenovelas I have been viewing that hooks me on, is the drama, the heated passions, and the suspense of what is going to happen next. In “ La Usurpadora”, I am loving the story of the identical protagonists, but who are not twins, switching lives. I am definitely seeing the Cinderella plot line in La Usurpadora. I am just wondering when or if innocent Paolina is going to turn evil. …

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