Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So many aspects wrapped up in one

Who knew that an extremely famous actress from Venezuela could be so sweet, so down to earth and possess such a strong love for acting that goes much deeper than just the fame. It was such a pleasure to talk with Marisa Roman, and talking with her in person made the experience that much greater.
In America we view Hollywood actors and actresses as almost untouchable. We watch them in every movie they make and read about them in Entertainment Weekly and People magazine, but other than that, we know little about who they really are. It is difficult for me to believe all the outrageous headlines I see on the magazines while standing in line to pay for my groceries. I think this is because the older I get, the more I know that most of them are just attention grabbers to get you to impulse buy. I feel badly for some of the stars who are constantly portrayed in a negative light in the media through magazines, the internet and gossip TV shows. On the one hand, I understand that the negative gossip comes with the title of being famous, but on the other hand I think people get so caught up in all the rumors that they forget that these people are just trying to do their jobs and do them well.
I have enjoyed studying Marisa Roman because through this class, I am able to see her for her exceptional talent as an actress without sifting through any hearsay. It takes a very talented and dedicated person to perform a role in a movie, show or telenovela. It involves a great deal of preparation, research and practice with the character before you really begin to dive into the role. Marisa truly cares about convincing her audience of whatever role she has to play. She said that she actually enjoys becoming different characters so she doesn't have to be herself all the time. She enjoys the challenge of playing different personalities and feels the longer she plays a role the more she learns about the true sense of the character. I thought that it was so interesting to discover that she doesn't watch much of her work for fear of over-critiquing herself. That is how you know you're good; when you believe that there is always room for improvement.
I thought the most impressive topic she touched on was her idea of fame. I wanted to ask her if she was able to roam the streets without getting mobbed. Another student briefly touched on this when they asked how often she was recognized. She said that the amount of people who approach her still never ceases to amaze her. "How could someone be that fascinated with me?" she says. I could tell by her overall demeanor that she was very humble and always kind and generous to her fans. She said that some actors are just out to become famous. They are so caught up in the fame and fortune that they really are not able to grasp the true meaning of entertainment and how it applies to telenovelas.
I could tell that Marisa enjoys acting just for the pure reason of entertaining an audience while spreading a message to her country at the same time. Her favorite writer is a man who writes telenovelas that incorporate important societal and political issues. It really does amaze me that such an incredible actress is truly focused on making her country a better place through her work. It has to be an exciting life, but difficult at the same time with all the hard-work that comes with the job and the fame. Thank you, Marisa, for allowing me the opportunity to discover what it means to truly be a great actress and a great person.

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